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What is legal expenses insurance?

A legal assistance insurance is an insurance that offers coverage in the form of legal help and advice in case of conflicts. Conflicts can include work disputes with your employer or a dispute with your landlord. You can also insure yourself with a legal assistance insurance against traffic conflicts, for example if you can't reach an agreement with the other party after a traffic accident. Sometimes you can solve a conflict together with the other party, but sometimes things get so out of hand that it's best to call in legal assistance. With a legal assistance insurance you are insured for the costs of legal assistance.

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what is legal expenses insurance

What is the definition?

With a legal assistance insurance you get legal assistance in case of conflicts and legal problems. In daily life, all kinds of conflicts can arise. For example a conflict with your employer about dismissal, a dispute with your neighbours about the garden fence or a traffic conflict, where you are hit by a bike. With a legal assistance insurance you do not have to solve these conflicts yourself, but you can report the dispute to your insurer. The insurer will take the matter off your hands and take legal action if necessary.

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Legal expenses insurance is modular

A legal expenses insurance is made up of different modules. You decide which modules you take out yourself. There are four modules in total:

By looking at your personal situation, you can decide which modules are best for you. Do you travel a lot for your work? Then you might consider the Traffic module. When determining the right modules, you can also look at the insurances you already have. Do you already have legal aid insured with your car insurance? Then you do not need to activate the module Traffic. Do you like to be well insured in case of labour conflicts? Then you can take out the Inkomen module. In this way you can compose the legal expenses insurance to fit your personal situation.

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Of course, you never know when you will need legal assistance insurance. Nobody expects to end up in a legal conflict. Nevertheless, such situations occur more often than you might think. It is important that you take out legal expenses insurance in time and not when you are already involved in a conflict. A legal assistance insurance has a waiting period of 3 to 6 months. Before the waiting period is over, you cannot claim legal assistance.

Do you have any questions about legal expenses insurance? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! Our insurance specialists will be happy to help you find the best insurance. Also take a look at our frequently asked questions about legal expenses insurance. We have already collected some information for you there.

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