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Can I take out car insurance again after non-payment?

It can happen to anyone that you forget to pay your car insurance premium (on time).
Perhaps, at that time, there is insufficient balance in your bank account so you do not or cannot pay the premium. If you fail to pay the premium once or too late, you will not immediately be considered a defaulter. If you do not pay for a longer period of time, there may be consequences for the future.

Initially, you will receive a reminder from the insurer that the premium has not yet been paid. After the first reminder, you will receive a second reminder and then possibly another one. When payment is not made, the insurer can suspend your car insurance. This does not mean that the insurance is terminated, but that it is 'frozen'. This means that from that moment on you are no longer insured and will be seen as a defaulter. It is also registered with the RDW that the car is no longer insured.

Do you still pay? Then the insurer will reactivate the car insurance on the day of payment or one day after payment.

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Car insurance defaulter

Getting car insurance as a defaulter is a lot more difficult. When taking out a new car insurance policy, you have to answer questions about previous policies. For example, one question is 'Have you ever been refused or cancelled insurance?'. If you answer 'Yes' to this question, your claim will most likely be rejected. This is because non-payment is heavily discounted by insurers. It makes no sense to conceal this. Most data is stored in a database that is available to all insurers. In addition, you are committing fraud if you do not fill in the questions truthfully.

Still, Alpina does offer options for car insurance after default.

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Car insurance for defaulters

Circumstances can happen to anyone. When it is not possible to insure your car with a regular insurer, Alpina offers a solution. It is possible to apply for insurance with De Vereende. Through the website you can take out car insurance without any problems. De Vereende is a company that does want to insure special risks, where regular companies drop out. De Vereende will always accept the car insurance. Also, you often have an excess with a third-party insurance. This excess must be paid in advance together with the premium. The premium will be higher than with regular car insurance, but your insurance application will always be accepted, regardless of your history. So even after non-payment, you can get car insurance again!

Cheap car insurance for defaulters

There are some conditions attached to taking out car insurance with the Vereende. For example, you can count on a much higher premium, you have to pay the first three months windshield and in most cases you also pay a deposit. Is there no such thing as cheap car insurance for defaulters? At Alpina, we always try to first place you with a regular insurance company at a regular premium. That's why we always recommend going through our online comparison module first. Choose an auto insurance policy that appeals to you and fill out the complete application truthfully. There is a chance that the company can still accept you at the regular rate.

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