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Is rental property covered by legal assistance insurance?

Are you planning to rent out your house? Then it is wise to check what exactly is going on with your home insurance policies, such as building insurance, contents insurance, liability insurance and legal assistance insurance. When renting out, it is good to have legal assistance insurance, because a legal conflict can easily arise. For example, if your tenant does not pay the rent on time or if he damages the property. However, it differs per insurer if renting out your house is covered by your legal assistance insurance.

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legal expenses insurance rental house

Rental and legal expenses insurance

A legal assistance insurance has a modular structure. You can choose from various modules, such as Consumer & Living, Income, Traffic and Tax Law & Assets. Whether or not renting out is covered under legal assistance insurance depends on the modules you take out. If you rent out your own house, this falls under the Consumer & Living module with most legal assistance insurers. Is it a recreational house? Then you often need the module Tax Law & Assets. Even if you rent out one or more rooms in the house, this is covered. Often a maximum number is attached to this, which differs per insurer.

You may also have to take out additional cover to be insured when renting out your property. Always read the policy conditions of the insurance carefully. These always state exactly which matters concerning renting out your home are covered and which modules you need.

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What is covered?

What exactly is covered when renting out your property varies from one insurer to another. With a legal assistance insurance you can in any case claim legal help and advice in disputes with your tenant. Do take into account the waiting period for a legal assistance insurance. After taking out a legal assistance insurance you have a waiting period of 3 to 6 months before you can make a claim. Ongoing conflicts are also excluded from coverage. Are you planning to rent out your house in the future? Take out a legal assistance insurance now.

Private legal expenses insurance is for private individuals. If you own several properties that you all rent out we speak of business rentals and you therefore need a business legal assistance insurance. Also, if you rent out the house as office or practice space, this is often not covered.

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At you can easily compare legal expenses insurance policies to find the one that best suits your personal situation. Look carefully in the policy conditions to see how you are insured when renting out the property. Then, of course, you can also look at the amount of the premium. Once you have found the right insurance, you can take out a policy directly online with us. Still have questions? Then please contact us!

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