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Application for auto insurance denied, now what?

Have you had your car insurance application rejected? Of course, this is very annoying to be informed when you want to insure your (new) car properly. There are several reasons for an insurer to refuse your application. We would like to explain these reasons as well as the points that insurers look at and tell you how you can still get a good car insurance .

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What do insurers look for when applying for car insurance?

Insurers pay attention to a number of points. First of all, the insurance history of the person who applies for it. By checking the database of the CIS Foundation, insurers can retrieve this information. Stichting CIS keeps all important insurance data in their database. By retrieving this information, an insurer can estimate how great the chance is that you will have to submit a claim or to what extent you will fail to pay the insurance premiums. So they actually estimate how much risk they are running when they insure you. There are a number of factors that insurers pay attention to:

Damage history

To see how much risk they might be exposed to, insurers look at how many claims you have made. This information is retrieved from the Roy Data database. When you have submitted many claims in the past, this can be a reason for the insurer to refuse your application. They assume that if you have made more claims in the past, this will also be the case in the future.

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Do you have a criminal history?

They also look at your criminal record. If you have a criminal record, this is more likely to result in an application being rejected by an insurer, even if your criminal record has nothing to do with your driving record. Someone with a criminal record poses too high a risk to insurers, because they assume that someone with a criminal record does not think the rules of the road are that important or that paying the premium is not that important. Many insurers therefore consider the risk of insuring you too high.

Do you have a negative payment history?

I forget to pay the insurance premium, this is often not a big problem for insurers right away. You will not be registered with the CIS Foundation in that case. You will first receive a payment reminder from the insurer. However, do you often fail to pay the premium (on time)? Then it is possible that the insurer will stop your car insurance. You will also be registered with the CIS Foundation. This registration can then be seen forever by every affiliated insurer. With this, there is therefore a good chance that all other regular insurance companies will refuse an application from you.

What is a driving disqualification?

A driving disqualification means that for the time being you are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle. A driving disqualification can be imposed for example for driving under the influence, for continuing to drive after an accident, if you drove more than 50 kilometres per hour too fast or for driving without a valid driving licence or during an imposed driving disqualification.

How long the period of driving disqualification lasts depends on the type and magnitude of the offence. A driving disqualification can last a few days, but also a few weeks, months and sometimes even several years.

What can you do if you do not agree with the insurance company's refusal of your application?

First of all, it is good to know what the insurer's reasons are for refusing the application. If you want to know what information about you is in the CIS database, you can make a request to Stichting CIS. Do you think the registration with Stichting CIS is unjustified? Then you can submit a request for correction through Stichting CIS to the insurer that has registered you. On a form, which can be found on the website of Stichting CIS, you can indicate which data are incorrect in your opinion and the reasons. CIS will in turn pass on this request to the insurer concerned. The insurer can either accept or refuse this request.

If your CIS registration stands and you still do not agree with it, you can file a complaint with the insurer. Most insurance companies have a complaints committee where you can lodge your complaint. Finally, you can also submit your complaint to the court, although you should take into account the high legal costs involved. If your CIS registration is (finally) removed, you should, in principle, be able to take out a car insurance policy with an insurer again without any problems.

Has your application been denied? Then get car insurance through Alpina!

If your application for auto insurance has been denied elsewhere, you can always get auto insurance through Alpina. Our mission is to help you get good car insurance from a regular insurance company. Does that still fail? Then there is always the possibility to offer you an insurance at De Vereende. De Vereende is an insurer which has been established especially for special matters in the field of insurance. In case you decide to take out an insurance with De Vereende, there are some extra costs involved. The premium is a bit higher than with other insurers, you have to pay the premium for the first three months in advance and you pay a deposit. These additional costs compensate for the high risk run by De Vereende.

You can easily calculate an indication of the costs for a De Vereende car insurance by using the online calculation tool. Afterwards, you can easily take out the insurance online. However, you should bear in mind that the car insurance policy only takes effect when you have paid the first three months and when the application form has been completed and signed. Therefore, it still takes a few days before you are covered and the insurance takes effect.


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