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what does insurance pay out after theft
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What does the insurer pay out after theft?

Jul 28, 2020
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Burglary and theft are dangers you can insure your home, contents and car against. This article tells you how to insure against theft, and when you are entitled to compensation in various situations.

How is your contents insured against burglary?

Stolen items that are not nailed to the house can be claimed on contents insurance. In many cases, there need not be any signs of forced entry. The insurer also usually provides coverage in the event of burglary (for example, through an open bedroom window), but this must be clear from the policy terms. For money, collections and other valuables, the contents insurance has a limitation in the terms and conditions. These valuables must be insured separately. Outside the home, your contents, such as a laptop you carry with you, are often only insured with additional outside coverage under your contents insurance. Home contents insurance is not mandatory, but certainly recommended.

What can you claim on building insurance in the event of a burglary?

When a burglary occurs, sometimes the house or parts of the house are also significantly damaged. This cost is borne by the insurer where the homeowners insurance policy runs, even if it is an unsuccessful attempt at burglary. Parts refer to possessions attached to the house, such as the kitchen, built-in cabinets and windows. Homeowners insurance is often required when taking out a mortgage. Tenants of a house can make this claim against the landlord.

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When is car burglary insured?

Depending on the chosen form of car insurance, theft of the car is also insured. With the WA car insurance you will not get paid for this damage, but with the WA + full casco or the WA + limited casco you will. For the theft of items from the car, the coverage of the car insurance is often only limited to items that belong to the car, such as a built-in navigation. Additional accessories, such as expensive rims, often have to be insured separately in order to be reimbursed in case of theft. Contents insurance also provides only limited coverage for items stolen from the car. For example, a cell phone is often not insured when it is in the car and visible from the outside. Therefore, the rule is: nothing in, nothing out.

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